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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 29, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> sean: we are out of time. we are making progress hugh. thanks for being with us. we will be back here tomorrow night. thanks as always for being here. >> greta: tonight arizona says to the feds if you don't do it, we will. what does their senior u.s. senator mccain think about that? senator mice to see you. >> thank you greta -- senator nice to see you. >> thank you greta for having me again. >> greta: many people are giving arizona a lot of heat over this statute that has been passed and governor brewer has signed into whraufplt is your thought about the fed -- into law what is your thought about the battle over immigration? >> the governor acted out of sheer frustration that the federal government is not carrying out its constitutional responsibilities to secure our border. our board unsecure. i'd like to give you two numbers to indicate that in
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the tucson sector last year 241,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended. we figure they catch one the of four, one out of five. that means over a million crossed our border illegally last year. can you imagine what that does to the people that live in southern arizona. the second number is 1.7 million pounds of marijuana were interdicted in the -- across the arizona border last year. 1.7 million pounds. the drug cartels are in an existential struggle with the governor of the -- with the government of mexico violence on the border is skyrocketing. 22,000 people in mexico have been killed in the drug wars. our border is not secure. so, my answer is that this law i probably would have written a little differently. but it does clearly state that you have to have reasonable cause to stop someone. so what's being portrayed out
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threw is that you can willy-nilly stop someone is not accurate. you have to have reasonable cause. let me put layman's terms. we have a seat belt law if you stop someone for speeding, say or wreckless driving and that person doesn't have a seat belt on you can give them a citation. but you can't stop them just for not having the seat belt fastened. that's what this is like. >> greta: i'm sure this will get sorted out in court and some judge will decide whether it is constitutional or not. the thing that strikes me is that we've been playing these sound bites at night going back to many national leaders. president reagan said we have to secure the borders. president obama said that he was going to take care of the problem. everybody on the national level said he or she was going to take care of problem. what is your meaning the government's problem? you tell us, but you don't do anything. >> they haven't devoted assets
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or personnel to the issue. jon kyl and i have a 10-point plan including sending 3,000 national guard to the border right way recruiting 3,000 additional border patrol. getting the surveillance capabilities, including uav's and other capabilities in place. there are two sectors in arizona, yuma and tucson. they've taken steps in yuma which has dramatically refused the flow of illegal immigrants across the border that they haven't in tucson. san diego they've reduced crime by a dramatic amount by having a triple fence there. we can secure our borders. other countries have secured their borders. most importantly, it is an obligation for us to have our borders secure. >> greta: why won't you? then governor napolitano said, she wanted -- she has made statements about securing the borders. then becomes a federal person,dd suddenly the enthusiasm seems
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to dissipate a little. i don't know if it is because it is the impossible problem or what. there's a real disconnect between this real problem, everyone agrees we need to secure the border, and getting it done. >> then governor napolitano called for the guard to be on the border. >> greta: with when she was governor. >> governor of the state of arizona. obviously, they have not given any decision it was over a year ago that john -- jon kyl and i called for the guard to be on the border, because we saw violence going up dramatically on the other side of the border. knowing full well it was going to spill over and it is going to spill over. do not underestimate the sophistication, barbarity and the capability of the drug cartels and the human smugglers who coordinate with each other as they take people up through these corridors. a couple of weeks ago we busted an organization that took people from mexico,
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tucson, then to phoenix and distributed them all over the country. some came from as far away as china this is a sophisticated effort. they take people and they put them in these drop houses subthem to cruelty, make their families pay ransom before they let them go they are the cruelest most barbaric people. this cry for human rights, we want human rights for these people not to be subjected to the cruelty of these coyotes who are terrible people. last week, 67 people were crammed into a u-haul rental vehicle, panel truck, 67 people. it is unspeakable some of the things that are pacific done. >> greta: in the "new york times" in morning i read three people were murdered in front of school kids in mexico wednesday. seven others were taken out of a bar some boys and executed. the level of violence across
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our border, are we doing enough to help mexico? how did mexico get so wildly out of control that it seems that -- they've called in their military. >> their military has become their only effective instrument. there's so much corruption, unfortunately, among their border patrol and police and others. the mexican government is doing everything that it can, called rosen is a good man the president -- kalderon is a good manhattan president of mexico. we are spending a billion dollars had in helping them with technology and others this is an existential threat for the existence of the mexican government. there are areas where the drug cartels have taken over at least temporarily. we need help them in that fight. if they lose you can imagine the consequences to the united states of america. by the wearing the drug business, i understand as some estimates is 65 billion dollars a year. >> greta: president obama,
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when this discussion the other day about your state's statute referred to it as misguided. how do you get his attention on this? there's just no question that there's a horrible amount of violence i think it is going to get worse because it is not getting prettier in mexico how do you get president obama's attention on this? >> well, i hope he might take the opportunity to come down to our border and meet the people whose property is being routinely violated. and our wildlife refuges being destroyed because of moment of these people across our borders. i wish he with would listen to his own border patrol who will tell threw is more than they can handle down there. the president never had a lot to do with these issues while we was a state senator or the short time he was the united states senator. i hope he will educate himself. for him to say this law was
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misguided, i would urge him to read the because the law does not, in my view, violate people's rights nor does have it anything to do with racial profiling. it has to do with probable cause. again, i am confident of one thing, the president should know, the legislature and the governor of arizona would never have acted if it had not been for the fact that we have an out of control border and it is a threat to the safety and security of our citizens. >> greta: what about the hispanic community? they are terrified this is going to be racial profiling. that's an element -- is that a political element to it? are people here in washington worried about getting votes from the hispanic community? >> i've talked to many in the hispanic community who are deeply concerned and upset about what is being done to people transport add across the border. the mistreatment, cruelty,
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brutality inflicted on them. i've talked to many hispanics who know we have to secure our border. so, our job, in my view, my job, is to convince our hispanic citizens that we are doing this to try to the lives of hispanic citizens. also, as patriotic citizens they should know as well, the importance of a security border. >> greta: it seems to me that the human rights issue we don't want people to be abused and tortured afternoon beaten. it is a criminal element, -- tortured and beat . it is a criminal element because the crime is going to be could ported to the united states much of it has. and there may be an economic cost. so, it seems to me that it is crying out for attention. it is hard for know sort of understand why so slow? >> i don't know why the
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president and the administration have not done enough. i have to say in all candor, in the early years the bush administration didn't do enough. >> greta: president reagan asked for it too. everybody has dropped the ball on this. >> yeah. but i also would like to say in the last couple of years in the bush administration there was significant progress made. we've learned lessons in iraq, as far as being able to set up barricades and barriers, surveillance capabilities, with uav's and other capabilities. we can do it. we can secure our border. then, after the border is secure, then we need to look at a temporary legal guest worker program and a pass to citizenship and all that first, the border has to be secured. >> greta: we have much more with senator mccain minutes away. we ask him about his very good friend florida governor charlie crist who just did something unthinkable in politics. we'll tell you what he did and
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senator mccain will tell you whether they are still friends tonight. is janet napolitano a hypocrite or just has a new job with a different viewpoint? secretary napolitano was governor of arizona from 2003 to 2009. in 2009, governor napolitano made that leap to the obama administration when she was appointed secretary of homeland security. secretary napolitano is against arizona's new illegal immigration law. arizona governor jan brewer sees hypocrisy. >> she obviously is turning a blind eye to arizona. she understands what the situation is. she wrote numerous letters when she was governor to the administration looking for help and relief. for her to make the comment she made nat borders are, what was it? that the borders are more secure than they have ever been. well they've never been secure. we are a gateway for every illegal immigration and criminal element into the
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united states. get on the record, did some re-- >> greta: on the record did restphoeufp august 2006 then governor napolitano signed a letter to congressional leaders: we are doing our part. at president bush's request we have sent our national guard to the border to do the job the federal government is suppose dodd. we need state and -- >> greta: two years later september of ' 8. then arizona governor napolitano wrote another letter to congressional leaders reading in part: . >> greta: has secretary napolitano changed her tune since entering the federal government? she is invited to come on the record to explain.
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>> a sherr live from arizona calls their new law -- what does that mean? we don't know but we know it isn't good. >> are you ready to die ride along on the frontlines of illegal immigration? if you are aren't ready get ready because it is going to happen right here minutes from now. we are back in two. [ bomb squad 1 ] let's do it!
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. >> greta: the arizona sheriff calls the new immigration law racist and stupid he also calls the new law fornickaboobery. what does that mean? he joins us live. sir, before we get to the substance i'm curious what that word means. what does that mean? >> well, i think it is a word that has been made up to express certain feelings. it is a flexible word.
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as a matter of fact it is not in the dictionary. >> greta: that is a colorful word. we looked it up, we couldn't find it as well. you don't like this new immigration law; is that correct, sir? >> it is. before we get there could i interject a couple of things into the previous discussion that we just heard? >> greta: sure, go ahead sir. >> well, there was a discussion about the security of the border. i think the statement of like 200,000, over 200,000 people were realized in the -- was it 200,000? arrested in the tucson sector last year that was an indication of how severe the problem is and the borders. the fact of the matter is that is the lowest number in about 15 years. in 2000 that number was 2/3 -- >> greta: which means you are
10:17 pm
getting good at your work or not doing well and others are slipping in? >> well, in 2000, there were 2/3 more people arrested in the tucson sector than there was last year. in my judgment, they've -- and it is not the state and locals that really are making that kind of an impact on the boarder. it is border patrol i think they do a good job. i think the border is more secure today than in the year 2000. is it ever going to be completely secure? not in my opinion. but there are a lot of things that ought to be done to make it more secure. i don't think that the federal government has done that in the last 15 years. the things that ought to be done. >> greta: let me just say i've been down to the border i've seen how hard everybody does work at the border. and i don't mean to take away from any of them.
10:18 pm
the fact is much more still has to be done. whether drugs being brought into the country or a chase into this country where you are chasing a drug dealer and there's a car accident some innocent person. i don't mean to take away from the hard work but rather to point out we have more work to do and mexico is incredibly violent and it is right there at our border. but get i don't want to eat up all the time talking. >> no doubt about it greta. let me ask you a question, the national media has been covering this story for a couple of days, reference to the law which i will be happy to talk about. why do you think the legislature enacted that law? >> greta: here's my sort of curious thought. i think there's a lot of frustration, california has -- and texas have gotten more support. i think arizona is getting hit hard. i suspect it is a wake- you up call for desperation. you could say it was political and governor brewer signed it. but governor napolitano was
10:19 pm
likewise complaining about it. senators mccain and kyl have been complaining for years. different administrations have been complaining about it. it may have some political element but also is a wake-up to the feds like get off your whatever and do something. we to go, a quick 30 seconds. >> i don't doubt that at all. the fact of the matter is, we already have the authority to stop and detain and turnover to the border patrol or to ice illegal aliens. this law simply has a lot of provisions in there that are incredible. you as a lawyer would recognize this your previous guest kept use you go the word reasonable grounds or reasonable cause i think he said. the problem -- >> greta: will you come back, because i got to go and i'm getting the music. we have much more. we are going getting cut off by the computer. we have to have you come back.
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>> greta: now are getting in into a deputy sheriff's car. griff jenkins with deputy sheriff mark miller. you are going two hours north of the mexican border. >> reporter: let's go for a ride. >> all right. i'm going to show you some areas that we've located as being pick-up points as well as drop-off points for illegal immigration as well as narcotics smuggling into the
10:24 pm
state and also throughout the united states. >> reporter: what these organization -- >> what these organizes with will do if they are going to traffic something up this road they will have scouts and spotters posted on these roads via -- be it either in the brush with cell phones or hand-held two-way radios. which at that point can alert the smugglers which are going to be further south new vehicles, waiting to come north, of law enforcement presence in the area. it is a game of chess and cat and mouse. they have the availability and all the communications and are equipped in some cases better than the local law enforcement. >> the home team isn't necessarily got the odds against the visiting team have they? absolutely no it is a life and death game out here. i've recovered numerous deceased individuals from the desert area.
10:25 pm
folks that have attempted to walk across the border and have passed away in the desert, due to heat and other factors in the environment. we see individuals that are getting transported into the country in trunks of vehicles. i've seen individuals that have been shoved inside of dashboards in vehicles. it is disheartening. they are treated more like property and like a profit than an actual human being. a month ago i stopped a vehicle for speeding and failure to use a turn signal. the vehicle was continued the windows i couldn't see into the vehicle. as i made my approach two subjects fled eastbound from the vehicle on foot, the driver was apprehended and i was able to see into the backseat of the vehicle and noticed a bundle of marijuana
10:26 pm
on the backseat on the floorboard in the backseat where one of the individuals fled, were two fully automatic ak-47 assault rifles, fully loaded with hollow point rounds and two 9 millimeter handguns. also, in the passenger front seat, where another subject fled located another 9 millimeter handgun. they definitely had me out-gunned in that situation. >> we are less than 20 yards from the actual highway. what individuals will do is they will bring both humans as well as narcotics right up to the roadway, hide in the brush and a vehicle will pull up, blacked out no headlights and stop. individuals will run up and we've seen footage of where it takes less than 20 to -- 30 to
10:27 pm
20 seconds for them to load up with a full vehicle full of cargo be it humans or narcotics and takeoff. if you can see back in there, i mean each one of the backpacks, each one of the jackets, each one of the blankets is pretty representative of a human being that was hunkered down in this area awaiting for their ride to be furthered into the country. you can see here where the fence has been cut to allow easier accessibility from the desert area into the area where they lay down. jackets, obviously electrolytes, power aids, backpacks, sugar sacks indicative of somebody transporting illegal contraband. this is an actual sugar sack. >> there's a chance drugs were
10:28 pm
in that? >> yeah, absolutely. what they will do is they will take the sack, bundle the narcotics, marijuana, place it in the sack like this attach strapped to the sides of it and carry the contraband. >> just a regular motorist somebody visiting our state or a citizen may pull over stretch their legs and not realize less than 15 feet is a group of individuals that quite possibly could be extremely dangerous. >> greta: we know you have a lot to say about this new illegal immigration law. go to right now and answer this poll question: do you support a boycott of arizona or not? go vote, coming up more with senator mccain. friends with governor crist who just did the unthinkable. what does senator mccain say about governor crist now?
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are possible side effects of nexium. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. ask your doctor if nexium can help relieve your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> greta: of course it is not july 4th, but it is independence day for one person governor charlie crist. he's running for the u.s. senate as an independent. now what? former white house press secretary dana perino joins us live. nice to see you. not leaving the republican party he's just running as an independent. is he leaving the republican party? >> yes he is leaving after he said he wouldn't. i think this is a reflection on president obama and his policies. >> greta: i don't know how we went from crist leaving -- >> it was when governor crist supported the stimulus bill. the florida voters revolted.
10:33 pm
marco rubio's message has been resonating. he says the way to create jobs in florida is to balance the budget and lower taxes. that's been working for him. the end of the day crist knew he wasn't going to be able to win in the primary. he decide today in his own political self-interest he was going to run as an in: -- as an independent. his money will dry up he won't have infrastructure i don't think this will last long. >> greta: having heard your recitation i could see how that would make sense. he embraced the democratic principles he's a moderate republican and rubio went far right. >> you could look at eight that way. if you look at the messages, think about what happened in massachusetts with scott brown. his message also, balance the budget, lower taxes. he was against the health care bill. he's a moderate republican. he won in massachusetts. mike cast doing well in
10:34 pm
delaware. kirk is doing well in illinois. these are moderate republicans. i think it was the messaging that was working for rubio and not working for crist. >> greta: in massachusetts there was one other element. there were so many people who were furious that -- with the nebraska cornhusker kickback, of course the election was next month in massachusetts. people were saying i voighted democrat my whole life, i will never vote again. martha coakley, the democratic candidate got pointed with that either she said that was lousy goes against her party or embraced it so she was stuck. >> right, she was. and charlie crist was going to be stuck. he was not going to win the republican primary. he decided he would rather be a senator -- try to be a senator as an independent than to stick with his party. people respect principles. they don't necessarily respect
10:35 pm
political ambition. charlie crist said, right here in this room, with chris wallace a month ago promised he was not going to leave the republican party and run as an independent. >> greta: is any republican going to help him? >> no, his money dries up. more importantly, you are not going to have people working the precincts, making calls on your behalf. i think that will dry up quickly. >> greta: -- >> if you look at the numbers there's not that many voters in florida who register as independents. there's also a myth. people that i independent voters are automatically moderates. that is not necessarily a lot of people who consider themselves independents will vote very strict on fiscal response . that's why rubio's message is work. even the other day on offshore oil dilling, obviously huge crisis in the gulf of mexico right now.
10:36 pm
the safety record of all of these workers that work on these rigs has been excellent for so long. ly crist had a knee-jerk reaction and decided now i'm not for it any more. voters thought we cannot trust you. get what the democratic party is saying tonight, there's no place in the republican party for moderates. they point to send for specter and they point to governor crist. >> what do they say about mike castle or mark kirk or scott brown? many other republicans who are running as fiscal conservatives may be more socially moderate. they've won races this past year. they are going to win some in november. i think there's a -- it is a mistake for democrats to focus on specter, now crist who have their own political ambition in mind rather than sticking to principles and accept they were going to lose and accept it gracefully.
10:37 pm
i think he might. >> greta: rubio -- >> i think although both rubio and the democrat are going to have a difficult time making sure voters know who they are. governor crist has incredible name id. >> greta: fascinating, danny, thank you. next,2 are -- dana, thank you. next, john mccain and crist have been friends for a long time. what does senator mccain say now about his friend? the most outrageous story we've ever heard. it is about iran. what was the u.s. thinking? find out why we ask that, next. ♪
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>> greta: let's go to our new york newsroom with where mary and rafferty is standing by with other headlines. >> reporter: reports that traces of oil from the spill up the coast of louisiana has begun washing ashore. the impact of the still would be mind-boggling. louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency. 5,000 barrels a day are leaking from the site of the explosion. the spill could be the worst in decades. we will be closely monitoring the situation throughout the night. developing story fox you news has learned the department of justice has launched a criminal investigation into goldman sachs. they are trying to determine if employees committed securities fraud in connection with the company's mortgage trading. goldman sachs is facing civil
10:42 pm
charges for allegedly profiting from the housing crisis while misleading invest i'm marianne rafferty now back to on the record. >> greta: hold on to your seats. you where to hear a story about iran that is so over-the-top you will think we made this up. but we did not. this week the united nations elected iran to the u.n. commission on the status of women that's iran. a country that lashes women dressed immodestly. they are on a u.n. commission that works for women's rights. mexico has announced tomorrow is drug-free mexico day. i'm kidding that is not true. we continue with are john mccain. your party has lost one. one of your biggest supporters governor crist is going rogue on you, going independent. he was your big supporter in
10:43 pm
florida, what do you think about that? >> i regret it. charlie and you are good friends and will remain good friends. obviously i will be supporting marco rubio he will be the republican candidate. i wish charlie well he's a fine person and good friend. but i'm a republican and i support republican candidates. >> greta: have you spoken to him in the last week or two? >> no. >> greta: how come? he's a from of yours and this is a huge issue. i think it is significant he's running for his political life. >> i knew charlie has my number and i knew if he wanted to talk to me, i would be glad to talk to him. i know was a tough decision for him. >> greta: does he gain out of this going independent? >> i don't know what he's thinking. but it was pretty clear once he vetoed that bill that was supported by the republican legislature he was looking at that option. >> there's the picture that has been running against him
10:44 pm
hugging president obama. i assume that didn't help him with many in the party in florida. >> i'm told that was not helpful. >> greta: a year ago senator specter switched too. what is going on? your party, it seems like people are looking for a couple of doors. >> i say with great respect to send for specter he's been a democrat before. but new charlie crist's case i think that from a pure pragmatic standpoint i think he was aware he could not win the republican nomination. >> greta: can he win as an independent? >> no, i don't think so. my friend joe lieberman, as you know has been able to win as an inch many. i don't know enough about the dynamics of florida politics. after all, i lost florida in the presidential campaign. >> greta: should he give back the money from some of the big republicans who sue poured
10:45 pm
him? >> i think that charlie should, but because he took the money as the probable republican candidate. >> greta: health care, how are we doing on the health care bill? >> we find out more and more about what is in this monstrosity, huge increases in taxes. certain people under certain conditions in states will not be eligible for obamacare. we are finding out that there is significant impact on businesses that make medical devices and other people that didn't have the money to lobby here. we also find that more and more americans are opposed to this bill the more they find out about. >> greta: what do you make of the states that have challenged it? >> i think they have a point. i understand the commerce clause of the constitution. i also understand that at least it is my view of the constitution that you under this bill, you have to buy a
10:46 pm
product. the ingredients of the product are prescribed by the federal government. if you don't buy that product you are going to be fined. i don't find that anywhere in the constitution. >> greta: what do you make of the federal regulatory bill? >> i hope we can move together. i'm concerned about some of the aspects of it. the consumer protection. we always give them good names like that, which may be a very independent and very powerful bureaucracy. i worry about there's no addressing of fannie mae and freddie mac. two of the catalysts of this whole collapse. yet, there's nothing in this bill that has nay dressing of it. >> greta: why not? >> i think they think it is too hard. i'll have an amendment that will have a vigorous discussion. >> greta: you mentioned consumer protection -- i'm having a hard time understanding why -- i'm all in favor of protect thing the consumer. we have the sec which is supposed to watch the markets
10:47 pm
for us and protect us. we have the federal trade commission -- it seems within the federal government there must be some place where people have the authority and probably dropped the ball. if they don't have the authority we can we can extend it instead of creating more bureaucracy. seems would be a more efficient way to do it. >> in all due respect to my democratic friends usually their answer to is build more government. this along with the alphabet soup of agencies is their answer. i don't think bill addresses what our gel is. that no institution in america should ever be too big to i think we should reinstate -- if you are in business of home loans and doing the normal traditional banking business we'll back you with the tax bears -- taxpayers dollars in the form of fdic.
10:48 pm
if you are in the investment business as described by mr. blankfein yesterday where they set up a so seen know where you bet for or against -- set up a casino where you bet for or against certain events. they want to put it all on red, fine but the taxpayers shouldn't have any backing of it. >> greta: thank you. next the best rest. bomb scare involving george clooney. is jenny sanford entering dating world? the ex-wife of governor mark argentina owl soulmate san -- sanford is speaking out. the worst park job ever caught on tape. wow! that's a low price! wow, that's a low price! i'm sorry, did you say something about a low price?
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories here's the rest -- here's the best of the rest. jenny sanford entered the dating scene. former wife of the south carolina governor sanford who cheated with a woman he calls his soulmate. today jenny sanford got personal. >> you got the divorce? >> yeah. >> divorced and i'm dating somebody else.
10:53 pm
>> tell us all about it. >> some things just happen. he happens to be the neighbor i never knew. >> he lives near you? >> you have never seen him before? >> no until he showed up at a speech i gave. >> does he have children? [ talking over each other ] >> greta: there is no way to sugarcoat this headline. more florida news. the florida state senate is trying to make it a crime to have sex with animals. beastiality is still legal in the state of florida. the state senate just passed a bill making it a misdemeanor to have sex with an animal. the senate passed a similar measure last year but died before being voted on in the house. apparently it takes a lot of hustle to make sex with animals a crime in florida. we'll see if the bill makes it through time. george clooney's life is full of excitement. not only is he a movie star.
10:54 pm
the italian navy just got called to his house. an arsenal of with ww ii explosives were found near clooney's mansions. italian soldiers safely removed the explosives. clooney is far from danger, filming a movie in hawaii. the actor's response is, of course, cool. he reportedly says this is not the first bomb i've experienced. finally, this gets the award for the worst park job in history. a man in tulsa, oklahoma was driving in a parking garage his foot got stuck under the gas pedal. the mercedes sped backwards through the garage and busted through a wall. the man was not hurt. there you have it the best of the rest. still ahead, uh-oh former senator john edwards might not like this.
10:55 pm
mistress is talking to oprah. she really talking. she really talking. we'll show you what happened. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love e air®. ♪ [ male announcer ] experience fast in all its forms. the is line. at your lexus dealer.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. and... oh oh. the mistress of former senator john edwards is talking to oprah winfrey, and senator edwards denied he was the
10:59 pm
father of hunter's babe yes. >> why did you do that interview? >> everyone who was close to it, and knew facts and truth said please don't dot interview. please don't do the interview. elizabeth wanted him to do that interview. she wanted him to say, you know you've got to get out if front of it. you've got to say the truth. speak the truth. and she didn't know the truth. she -- it's so, it's like you can't do the interskpru not speak the whole truth. >> you said she doesn't know the truth. she knew of the affair. >> she didn't until after the interview. became clean with her after that interview. >> hunter says she is not a home wrecker. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're clogsing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. go to slash greta wire right now. and vote on that boycott arizona poll. until then, keep it here on


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